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Runescape’s Unstoppable PKing Build

Today I tried out an awesome PKing account, a nearly maxed Piety pure. This account build is super good for PvP and Bounty hunter but also Deep wilderness on 2007 old school Runescape.
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Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out this video. Be sure to check out my most recent OSRS 2007 uploads. If you enjoyed don’t forget to show some love in the comments section! I’ve got so much to come, and i’m going to bring you guys with me! Pk commentaries, giveaways, clan events, skilling, deadman mode, bossing, slayer, money making guides, quest guides, and TONS more osrs content WILL be happening. Stay tuned!

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26 thoughts on “Runescape’s Unstoppable PKing Build

  1. Go back to what made your channel, creating series/accounts and quit using others to make half-assed pk videos

  2. one of your best vids in so long love this content and these kills, best pk Vid I’ve seen from any content creator in so long

  3. a peity pure feels like its just a main with low atk. like a guy who just kept training strength bc he likes to hit high. like me when i was 12 playing runescape y’know

  4. I think 50 atk with 60 pray would drop you a few lvls still able to gmaul use obby sword and maul as well as smite. Just a few lvls lower for easier targets to kill js…

  5. “Since we hit 45 with the maul I doubt thats the max hit.” No shit sherlock you’ve mad like 2 vids with full obby and an obby maul and a regular obby pures max hit is like 45. God you get me tight, gtg stretch

  6. Lol im world of war the first guy in the vid =P was some good fights. we had alot of them that night good vid m8

  7. so i dont know how this classifies as a pure, you would be better off calling it “the average pking account that has basically high levels in every combat stat” maybe thats just because i come from the good old days though

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