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8 EXTREMELY Effective Runescape PKing Accounts


I showcase a load of different PK account builds you can create ranging from F2P to P2P accounts. Granite Mauler, Obby Tank, Zerker, Range tank, and more.
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Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out this video. Be sure to check out my most recent OSRS 2007 uploads. If you enjoyed don’t forget to show some love in the comments section! I’ve got so much to come, and i’m going to bring you guys with me! Pk commentaries, giveaways, clan events, skilling, deadman mode, bossing, slayer, money making guides, quest guides, and TONS more osrs content WILL be happening. Stay tuned!

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46 thoughts on “8 EXTREMELY Effective Runescape PKing Accounts

  1. Am I joining Stimulant cc or Btpub? Can’t tell which one you’re trying to advertise. lol

  2. The challenge should be that if you die you have to go back to the noobiest account and keep trying until you get a kill with the maxed main.

  3. been subbed since you were mostly pking on stimulant dude! love the quality work and youre acc builds. keep making the osrs community better man much appreciated !

  4. Your videos would be good if you didn’t scream like a retard every time you get a kill

  5. What’s the name of the song that starts at 9:45 ? I’ve heard it in all your videos and always forgot to ask 😀

  6. great idea for a vid!
    what do you guys think of this build?:
    75 atk
    98 str
    20 def
    99 hp
    52 pray
    91 combat
    Super unique, initiate for extra pray bonus and the def/hp makes it more squishy against zerks. can still ags 70’s

  7. Would you be interested in making a 2nd baby zerk video? Im currently in the process of making one, and before i begin to nmz its stats up I could lend it for a video when its fully quested and has fcape. Loved the video btw, obby tank was my favourite build!

  8. can you make no armor fight in f2p on your 93 cbt zerker (range to 2h combos)? should be interesting to see!

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