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PvM Perspective – Episode 7 – Guide to Modern Bossing Pt. 3

PvM Perspective: Guide to Modern Bossing Part Three
I’m Hana & I’m David

Welcome to PVM Perspective a podcast about getting the most out of RuneScape PVM. Before we get into the show…

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Magister Strategies (90+, Overloads, t80+ power armor, curses)

Four tick or ranged
Ignore most mechanics, exceptions is bomb (timer-just dodge)
Barge mechanic can hurt
Melee is fine, I just got KOed a few times by while zerked and got annoyed, seems to be a lot less dps than four tick.

Araxxi Strategies
Tactics and Strategies
Range, Royal Crossbow, Shadow Glaives, Ascension Crossbows
Melee, Dragon Rider Lance, Scythe

Telos Strategies (90+, Overloads, Blood Essence, T80+ Augmented Power Armor, T90+ Weapons, Curses)
Tactics and Strategies
Melee (low enrage)
Scythe + DW + ZGS a
Staff + Wand
Enrage pushing w/pantheon
How to make money: streaking vs high enrage

Wrapping Up
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