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Noob Guide to Beastmaster Durzag

1. Equipment – 0:42
2. Leech DPS – 1:25
3. North Chargers – 3:38
4. Pet Tanks – 5:00
5. Special Considerations – 7:10

This is a noob-friendly guide to the Beastmaster Durzag raid in Runescape 3. This guide covers everything you need to know to start getting your first kills on this boss. In this guide, you will learn how to fulfill the dps, north charger, and pet tanking roles within the Beastmaster raid. My goal in creating this guide is to make high-end pvm more accessible to learners. This guide continues the recent series of pvm guides that I have been making for Runescape 3.

If you are a lower level, I strongly encourage that you learn a role to increase your chances of being included in a raid. Feel free to use my discord or the FC “raid fc” to get help forming groups.

Music: NCS