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Runescape Beacon Network Mini-Quest Guide HD

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All Fired Up:
Land of the Goblins:
Troll Stronghold:
Level 42 Construction
Level 56 Smithing
Level 70 Smithing or 59 Construction
Level 60 Crafting
Level 64 Agility
Level 31 Prayer
Level 60 Strength

Beacon Keeper Requirements:
Garden of Tranquillity:
Heroes’ Quest:
Icthlarin’s Little Helper:
Level 81 Summoning

Items Required:
2 (or 4) iron bars
3 jute fibres
2 (or 4) planks (any type)
4 (or 8) nails

Beacon Keeper Items:
White Tree Fruit
Davy Kebbit Hat
Catspeak Amulet
Cooked/Raw Lava Eel

Weight Reduction Items:
For weight reduction:
Exoskeleton headband
Agile top, wicked robe top or exoskeleton torso
Agile legs, wicked legs or exoskeleton legs
Wicked cape, spottier cape or spotted cape
Penance gloves or exoskeleton bracers
Boots of lightness

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