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Top 5 Easiest 99’s in OSRS

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These are the top 5 easiest 99’s, or skillcapes, to currently get in Old School Runescape. I decided the best way to make this video was from the perspective of creating a new account without transferring GP to it. As META, or most efficient technique available, continues to change, so will this list.

Disagree with this list? Let me know down below! Also, if you have any future top 5 recommendations, please comment below as well!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Easiest 99’s in OSRS

  1. keep it up do a video on shortest/fastest quest or the best quest for rewards either way good job

  2. You said you can get 1-99 firemaking at wintertodt, seeing as you need 50 firemaking to start I don’t think that’s possible, you can however get 1-50 in about 4-6 hours the old fashion way and then start

  3. Sorry for the double-upload. My upload earlier this morning for some reason blacked out all of the clips for #5. Be sure to check out that vlogging channel 🙂

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