home OSRS OSRS Hardcore Ironman #75 (Road to Rank 1) – RAIDS! + Testing Minnows, RIP Rank 4

OSRS Hardcore Ironman #75 (Road to Rank 1) – RAIDS! + Testing Minnows, RIP Rank 4

My Hardcore Ironman series in which I attempt to get rank 1 overall.
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49 thoughts on “OSRS Hardcore Ironman #75 (Road to Rank 1) – RAIDS! + Testing Minnows, RIP Rank 4

  1. Hey DVS what is a good exp goal to have on a daily or weekly basis. On your tracker you are always in the 1mil range. Im a lvl 68 f2p with all f2p stats 40+. I am a huge fan btw!

  2. Just so you know, you can use the serum on the bloke in Mor’ton to make him permanently cured. You don’t need to keep seruming him.

  3. How many minnows per shark did you say it was? Kappa
    Really nice vid man, sick gains (Y)

  4. DVS I want to share a trick I picked up when Minnows came out. There’s videos (i recommend the one by RunLoop because the timer starts when the video does) that send a beep every 15 seconds. If you sync the video when a spot moves, it will beep every time that spot moves, so you can rely on your ears instead of your eyes to tell you when the spot moves. Low popul;ation worlds help because the ticks are shorter, and the video doesnt desync as fast.

  5. Hey! I was there buying ores at BF while you were, I asked about next vid, your response was 12 hrs, and right on time. Nicely done. Love the vids man, love the determination you have to continue chasing rank 1, keep at it!

  6. not sure if you have a quick guide on how to collect bullk dragonscales? i just run around in second part of blue drags in taverly dungeons and tele to falador and repeat?

  7. I am a huge fan of Steskillalt, so it was super sad to see him die. Best of luck to you DVS, keep up the good grind. Don’t die to mole please.

  8. I wouldn’t care if you made each clip a bit longer by talking a bit more. It must be hell trying to make this videos 10 minutes long from over a week of grinding. Record more clips of your grind man, we don’t care! If you upload more regularly you will get suggested more aswell

  9. You might want to save those seeds for when fossil island and ultra compost comes out early September. I got a bunch of seeds from 99 fm at wt on my hcim and im saving them

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