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Maximum Efficiency OSRS Barrows Guide (Easy OSRS Boss Series Episode 12)

What’s up everyone! This weeks video is going to be a maximum efficiency barrows guide. This video is focused on making the most money at barrows while also spending the least money to be there, but doing so in a very efficient time. Make sure to like, comment, subscribe, and share, and leave any questions down below!
0:14 – Welcome
0:31 – Social Media/Miscellaneous Information
1:57 – How to Get There
2:46 – Suggested Requirements
4:16 – The Barrows Brothers
4:32 – Armor Sets and Their Unique Set Effects
6:17 – NPCs Within the Catacombs and Why They’re Important
7:17 – Barrows Drop Rates and Drops
8:55 – Catacombs Puzzles and Their Answers
9:19 – Gear Setup
10:36 – Barrows Layout and Order of Killing
11:23 – Combat Methods Used to Kill Each Brother
11:45 – Navigating the Catacombs
12:18 – Timed Barrows Run
17:05 – Fastest, Slowest, & Average Trip Times
17:49 – Loot from 100 Barrows Chests
18:38 – Supplies Used
18:54 – Total Profit and Profit Per Trip
19:08 – Ending Thoughts
19:45 – Outro
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11 thoughts on “Maximum Efficiency OSRS Barrows Guide (Easy OSRS Boss Series Episode 12)

  1. Great Job with the video. I have been doing a Barrows Series as well on my YouTube channel. I am going for loot from 500 Barrows chests. I have found it smarter if you have 43-70 prayer to go for Dharoks first then hop over to Ahrims then head to Karils. If you get lucky you should be able to kill these 3 without using a prayer potion. As for Veracs, Torag and Guthans. You do not even have to protect melee from them as they are easy to kill if you have the desired defense levels you require for your video. This saves prayer potions being wasted in my opinion. But I also wear a little different set up. I am currently at 170 chests done in a row. And have made a very good bit of money. Nice job bud.

  2. Personally I use freezes against all of the melee brothers, I go Dh then Ahrim then Karil, praying against all three and then do the rest without prayer and use freezes. Unless I get one of the first three brothers as tunnel I often don’t use any prayer pots at all.

  3. How is this a max efficiency guide? Getting 88% loot potential is actually more efficient because you save time over 100% (which only gets you shitty loot in comparison like bolt racks) therefore you can do more barrows runs overall.

  4. Didn’t work today xD just woke up not even 2nd today, but 5.1k suscribers!!!! Congratulations man!

  5. Nice vid man! I’ve almost got those mortania hard diaries done and I’m going to farm the hell out of this until I make money for 65 construction and get the western provinces hard diaries done for those private red chins!

    Good vid though man!

  6. Isn’t graceful outdated ? I am using blessed dhide and it works great. I also replace blowpipe with a magic shortbow. Also 100% for extra bolt racks is not worth it.

  7. “Always go for 100% loot potential”.. And this is called efficient barrows guide? 24 seconds just to get 73 boltracks

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