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1-99 Prayer Guide! Over 1M XP/HR [Runescape 3] Fast Xp From Level 1!

This is my 1-99 Prayer Guide, in this guide i speak about the useful items, the methods to train and how to do them alongside all the key xp rates of the ashes and bones you can use in order to get 99. Hope it helps!

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Useful items – 00:50
Ectofuntus – 04:28
Guilded Altars – 06:25
Wilderness Chaos Altar – 08:33
Key info in regards to XP – 10:20
Infernal Ashes – 11:38
Dragon Bones – 12:34
Airut Bones – 13:17
Hardened Dragon Bones – 14:19
Frost Dragon Bones – 15:05
Reinforced Dragon Bones – 16:23
Searing Ashes – 17:13
Cleansing Crystals – 18:08

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25 thoughts on “1-99 Prayer Guide! Over 1M XP/HR [Runescape 3] Fast Xp From Level 1!

  1. thank you micro i was right about to start training pray too. i guess u heard my prayers eh haha xd

  2. dude literally thanks to your guides i got my ass to elf city! AND all the light within requirement to use seren spells! AND invention unlocked! the best part was you provide some cost saving methods for my broke behind! now i’m enjoying crystallising+light form everything i come across 😀

    now i’m gonna go for 99 prayer literally got my construction high enough built a guilded alter! now im making the gp for the bones this guide helped me out loads again ^^

  3. If you stock pile the cleansing crystals and spam click cleanse the xp is rediculos. Not sure how long it would take to buy that many but you could fletch or something while you wait. Insanely expensive though. But it is an option

  4. is yanille house spot honestly faster than taverly? seems like the house ports are the same distance but taverly’s bank is much closer

  5. Tele to Al-Kharid if using the Glory, it teles you to Shantay Pass next to a bank chest.

  6. hey man nice video! very informative. the only thing i have say is you didn’t talk about doing a gilded altar with an alt running you bones. it’s great xp and tons of bones/h

  7. nice guide! very in depth as usual, but you didn’t mention the alternate method with cleansing crystals, the powering method where you skip the animation and small xp drops and just spam use crystals like the ecto for massive xp

  8. This is a decent guide, can’t help but think there should be music in the background though

  9. w00t, didn’t expect one so quick =] amazing guide, even though I don’t play rs3 you are the only content creator I watch about it. love the vids and your voice.

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