99 Range, Elite Void, Raids, and Bank Video!

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Detailed Guide to Queen Black Dragon

Timestamps: 1:29 – How to get there 2:32 – Stats needed to kill qbd 8:17 – Setups ( Mage and Range ) 11:51 – Low levelled kill and explanation of techniques used to kill QBD 19:02 – Things to remember when killing QBD Looking for a friends chat to chill in: Blisco Intro Song: Culture …

Ranged Araxxor Guide

In this video I show you how to smoothen your araxxor kill while using ranged. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them to me! ~Grimolas === We are Runescape Revolution, a dutch community Runescape clan. You can find us at or ingame in our clan chat.

Low Level Welfare Barrows Guide OSRS

Check out my channel here: Requirements: -50 mage -55 Slayer -61 Range -43 Prayer ~600k starting cash Barrows is a really good way for anybody to make some cash. It is easily and efficiently done at lower levels and in cheap gear. Subscribe for more guide and money making methods. I’ll also be playing other …