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Circuit Scream Studio Blog Episode 11: DarkScape #28 V2

FREE Download of the mixed & mastered HQ audio plus alternate versions and artwork here:

This track, DarkScapes #28, is one of the ArtScapes created as part of DarkScapes Volume One. An “ArtScape” is a soundscape generated from the artwork itself using various image-to-sound synthesis software, in this case Photosounder.

This video is a screen capture of Photosounder processing the artwork I created, which has been modified in Photosounder itself by painting directly on it (you can see the white dots in the lower left of the art).

All of the DarkScapes tracks have a corresponding ArtScape version using that track’s cover art. More info on the DarkScapes project here:

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Download the Photosounder software at www.Photosounder.com