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Call of Chernobyl: The Lost Places: Darkscape

Sorry for the problems in this one, Adobe Premiere HATES this area.
Mod info below, sorted in load order:
Arsenal Overhaul 3:

Outfit Addon 1.4.4: *make sure to use AO patch

DoctorX Questlines: *disable CoC quests with this

DoctorX Dynamic Faction Relations:

DoctorX Faction Relations:

Absolute Nature Redux: *nice textures for grass and foliage, can be a bit intensive in areas with lots of grass, especially with the optionals installed

Structures Redux: *same deal as above but for anything stone, brick and wood

S.W.T.C.: *enhances sky textures during all weathers, can cause lag on older systems.

Smarch AO Config: *alters damage and stats of AO weapons to be more reasonable

Toska HD Models: *high-quality NPC models, extremely RAM intensive, can cause crashes but looks great. Also tracksuit bandits.

More Fast Travel Locations:

Pinch of Spices: *small suite of neat visual and audio tweaks, would recommend

Transparent Inventory:

W.A.R.F.I.G.H.T.E.R.: *damage and wounding overhaul, works well with weapon mods. Prepare to bleed.

Lootmoney: *makes corpses drop money sometimes

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