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Runescape 3 Interface Walkthrough (Guide/Tutorial)

This video will show the general information you need to know about the RS3 interface costumization.

0:35 – Option menu
1:05 – Game settings
1:32 – Interface settings
2:34 – Controls
4:15 – Graphics
4:34 – Audio
5:00 – Edit mode
6:09 – Menu buttons
8:39 – Reporting bugs/players
8:52 – Online status
9:05 – Resizing action bar/menu

Q: Where can I change the colour of my chat?
A: As shown at 7:14, you can find the option for this under Social, then chat settings.

Q: How can I remove my action bar, like in the video?
A: The action bar being gone was a bug at the first hours of release. It can’t be anything but minimized at the moment.

Q: Can I add private chat above the chatbox like in Runescape 2?
A: No, the only way to get close to this as of now is to add another chatbox for private chat over your global chat.

Q: Where can I find the price checker?
A: Right-click the money symbol under your inventory.

Q: Where can I chose in what combat skill I want to gain XP in?
A: Click on “Powers” on the menu as shown at 6:55. Under you character, you can chose where you want to gain experience.

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50 thoughts on “Runescape 3 Interface Walkthrough (Guide/Tutorial)

  1. Hi rswillmissit – I seem to be having the same problem as Trickzhotn. I
    can’t see the text above other players heads in the game. I have tried
    clicking on the various chat bottons just above the chat box with no luck
    and it’s very annoying to try to figure out who is speaking to you and
    where they are in the crowd :/ Please Help! Thanx!!

  2. Hey! That sounds like an in-game bug in general, most likely nothing to do
    with the interface. I’d suggest sending a bug report on it, and cross your
    fingers for it to be fixed soon!

  3. alright where is dat summoning tab with the dissmissed button i really need
    help (cant complete quest without it)

  4. I learned how to use it It still sucks It now takes a long time to fucking
    naviagte ANYWHERE from stats to something else. It used to be one simple

  5. I choose the def abilities but it doesnt give me any defence xp when i kill
    other enemies? please help 😀

  6. how do you change the chat color settings like my clan chat color is dark
    blue ya kno like the default but i want it to be different color how can i
    change it. ty

  7. I have a strange green werewolf icon right above where it says how much
    health, prayer and summoning points you have left, what is this and how do
    you get rid of it 🙂 help would be gratefull

  8. Where’d that ability bar go? Where you can bring in all the abilities you
    want in one little spot?

  9. Dude after RS3 came, when I chat with another person in what is now called
    “local chat”, I just see in the chat box what people say, but not above
    their heads, as it was in RS2, at least in my account, I’ve tried with a
    lot of settings but I did nothing, Idk what happens ’cause it only happens
    with my account, when i log in into another account the messages appear
    both in the chat box and above the head of who said it. How do I configure
    it? Could you help me? thanks

  10. If you want to choose the abilities and the skill you want to focus on,
    click on the abilities menu then click on either melee, ranged or magic and
    at the bottom right of each it’ll let you choose which skills you want to
    focus on (for example, balanced, attack, strength or defence). I hope this
    helps anybody who’s confused!

  11. Please someone help me out how can I change the color of my chat text like
    the cc, fc, and pm texts, somehow my chat changed on its own and now cc and
    pms are same color 🙁 someone help?

  12. How do you skip the beginning tutorial set of quests? I’d figure it being
    in “challenges” like it was in eoc, but I can’t seem to find it.

  13. The “Press enter to chat” Option goes away if you minimize the action bar,
    the small white line at the top right of the action bar box should have a
    minimize option on it, you won’t be able to use the items in the action bar
    at that time though, until you maximize it again.

  14. My question: When i talk to a friend on my friends list, everything i type
    just goes to him. How do i make it stop going to him when i want the public
    to see? Please help

  15. Does anyone know how I can quick change from ranger gear to melee while in
    combat at clanwars?

  16. How can i set my xp gain to strength so i get pure strength xp for killing
    things and not a mix of all 3?

  17. what do I do so that I don’t have to press enter to talk all the time?. p.s
    – my abilities and the chat are not attached so minimizing the abilities
    doesn’t work -.-

  18. i accidently pressed something, and now i cant move or resize anything.

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