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Rs3 Melee Training Guide – All Levels – Evolution of Combat

Everyone is saying that rock crabs are not good for low levels, so I found a few other things for you guys to try out: Ankous and Ogres. Obviously don’t have xp rates and such because I don’t play anymore, but now you guys at least have something to go off of.

Hope this helps some of you guys get your melee skills higher up really fast!
Frost dragon guide here:

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33 thoughts on “Rs3 Melee Training Guide – All Levels – Evolution of Combat

  1. Oh I think you’re right about that lol :p I’ll fix that in the title. I
    think I’ve just always spelled it wrong for some reason haha.

  2. Do you think drygore rapiers would be better to use on dust devils rather
    than sara sword?

  3. Yes they would. Maces would be the best option if using drygores but since
    the drygores are so accurate you will still be perfectly fine with the

  4. Yes, there are many places that are better xp/hr but they are more geared
    for higher levels. If you are a very high level I would assume that you
    most likely already know where to train. 🙂 if you are a lower level but
    these guides just don’t fulfill your needs, try doing some research on the
    runescape forums or the wiki to find the perfect method for you.

  5. I’m confused where is this? I’m gonna have to give everyone in the comments
    a shoutout lol.

  6. Nice guide, tho, for 75+ i dont have 62 slayer or 85 dung, so 1 more thing
    wich u could do without those reqs would be great

  7. love the guide! i have been using hellhounds as my training method. Dung
    for some people is long and boring. But yes Frosts are good xp/hr and good
    cash. Try looking for an alternative method also. All and all good guide

  8. I just don’t know how this new combat system works, like with the abilities
    and all that. I am level 200 combat now, but I hardly know how to work
    anything anymore. Could you help me in game?

  9. If I wanna train 60-70 atk at Hellhounds, would that be a smart move with
    55 def?

  10. Goes to rock crab at lv 20 att. gets shit on. may wanna re think your rock
    crab recommended lv

  11. Nice guide! Btw you watch Heaven’s lost property? (Your picture is from it)

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