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[OSRS] ULTIMATE 1-99 Combat MAXING ORDER Guide (Math Version)

Day 19 of the 40 day video challenge!

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Today I go over the most efficient order to train your melee stats to get to 99 melee’s the quickest way possible!

The order is as follows:

With level 1 in Strength, Attack and Defence you want to

1) Train Strength to 12
2) Train Attack to 5
3) Train Strength to 30
4) Train Attack to 20
5) Train Strength to 39
6) Train Attack to 30
7) Train Strength to 41
8) Train Attack to 40
9) Train Strength to 50
10) Train Defence to 45
11) Train Strength to 59
12) Train Attack to 60
13) Train Strength to 70
14) Train Attack to 70
15) Train Strength to 94
16) Train Defence to 60
17) Train Strength to 99
18) Train Defence to 75
19) Train Attack to 99
20) Train Defence to 99

7 thoughts on “[OSRS] ULTIMATE 1-99 Combat MAXING ORDER Guide (Math Version)

  1. ok this is great but how long would 176k hits take???? I’m literally at 75 def 99 str 80 atk… never did maths helppppppp

  2. Very thorough but my one criticism is that for the gear used. You’re going to have to quest for the book and gloves and you factor that into the max-hit calculations. You might as well have quested for a lot of the early experience instead to save time if you’re going to consider quest-barrier gear. The fire cape is also pretty significant to include.

  3. This is actually very tedious, but its undeniable the amount of detail you put into the information. Great video man!

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