40 thoughts on “RuneScape – RS3: How to change Attack Styles

  1. go to system preferences, then look for the keyboard click that then hit
    the checkbox that says use F commands as standard functions then it will

  2. I have Windows BUT When I pressed f4 my display options came up. I tried
    holding down the fn button then pressing f4 and it worked. Maybe it will
    work for you.

  3. Thank You Good Sir! You saved me Soooooooooooooooooo much trouble finding
    how to change attack styles ffs this new Gui can suck it, barely tells you
    shit on how to do shit!

  4. click esc, then click interface settings. Then click on the “controls” tab
    of the interface.Scroll down until you reach the “windows and navigation”
    section. It will give you all the key shortcuts to everyting you need.
    Select the “Power one and write in an unused key like “y”. close the
    interface settings and press “y” and the powers interface opens! 🙂

  5. I have a mac too. You just click on the 3 light blue whisp things above the
    options and next to the compass

  6. ty dude for saving my day….. i was getting so bored to rsps and i now
    decided to find out how to swap exp because no normal tutorial showed it.

  7. I have windows and when I hit f4 it apeers something totally diferent. It
    apeers about duplicating the screen of whatever.. anyway.. f4 doesnt worl

  8. Ok, click on esc, then click on controls.. Scroll down till you see
    “Powers” and set a hot key to that.. I said f4 because that’s what it’s
    automatically set to by Jagex, you must have played with it.

  9. Good tutorial you should make a follow-up explaining why it’s not F4 for
    some people. (Key binds.) ESC Controls Scroll down to ‘Windows and
    Navigation’ and the area they want is ‘Powers’ which can be set to any
    keybind. (Mine’s set to Alt + 4) Which then opens the Powers tab and gets
    them where you got them.

  10. Yea, good idea! I will actually plan to make a video about it! My fault
    really for not including that in the video.

  11. Just came back from a 4 year break and I don’t know what the fuck I’m
    doing. Thanks for the video man!

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