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Alternative Combat Training Guide | 130K+ EXP/HR

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Framed’s Shayzien Favour Guide:

Recommended Stats: 1:36
Solid Methods: 2:12
Recommended Items for regular accounts: 2:38
Recommended items for 10HP accounts: 3:49
Gang Cycles Discussion: 4:47
Method demonstration: 6:09
Efficiency Notes: 9:02

Cannon Mechanics Guide: Coming soon!
Overall Combat Training Guide for unique (e.g. 10hp) accounts: Coming soon!
Location Thresholding:
Zulu’s Prayer Flicking Guide:

07 Wikia on Tackling Organised Crime:

Where it began…:
10HP Ironman Rushing, The Last of Its Kind:

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31 thoughts on “Alternative Combat Training Guide | 130K+ EXP/HR

  1. ughhh you should not have mentioned shazian organized crime. that is how some ultimates get notes planks and we don’t need anymore competition that we already have. 😛

  2. waterfall quest – sand crabs til 70/75 – nmz til 99, or 95 and do slayer. ezy afkscape.

  3. You got me at at 1:25 I was just about to hit that dislike button then I heard “atleast twice” *likes video* =D

  4. ty for making this method even more crowded than it already is.
    I still have no clue why non pures are doing this. Just train slayer..

  5. Sick guide dude, everything is really clean n shit and I’ve never seen this method before either.

  6. You made a nice and good video, but showing methods like this where you are dependant on being alone to get good xp rates is kind of pointless.

  7. the SW spot below lova church and the minecart are fine the minecart u need to tank a haliberg sometimes. there are 2 spots that the cannon only method (10/11 hp) cannot do which is the bunks upstairs in pisc by bank and the upstairs NE house with a farm field in hos as you cannot put a cannon down. if you have a full invy (with cannon) and more worlds to go thru you can go to the next world kill and pick up intel and then come back to get cannon which will net in more cmb xp/hr due to there being down time in between rounds

  8. I could be mistaken, but as I recall cannon accuracy is based only on attack bonuses.

  9. Would this theoretically be the fastest hp exp available? Assuming your hourly intelligence estimation for the bursting method was correct or at least close.

    Edit: I think corner step chinning at maniacals might be slightly faster, it’s hard to say without testing both with the same stats I guess.

  10. The times are different on each world because 1 tick is not 0.6 seconds exactly. Its 0.6 seconds + the processing, and the processing time varies for each server.

    It isn’t noticeable to players at all, but over the course of 7 full days things become out synched.

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