Runescape 2017 | Road to 120 Slayer #5

Fifth episode in my series where I aim for 120 Slayer! Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! —————————————-­­————————————– • Music: Jim Yosef – Canary —————————————-­­————————————– • Business Contact: [email protected] —————————————-­­————————————– • Social Media: Twitter: Twitch: Snapchat: MotoOfficial

[RS3] Kal’gerion Demon Slayer Guide 2017: Great Slayer exp + Profit!

Great task for both exp and money. Expect 350k Melee exp/h, 371k slayer exp/h (520k in wildy with Demonic Skull + Contract) and 4.5m gp/h. Amazing for Blue charms! I used Darklight in this video instead of Mage. The upgraded Darklight is actually still great at Kalgerion Demons. Table of Contents: Introduction/Location/Requirements – 0:00 Equipment/Inventory …