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Runescape Divination Money Making Tips & 99?

High Divination User

NightmareRH’s Production Presents Runescape Divination Money Making Tips & 99? Also please remember to subscribe.

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50 thoughts on “Runescape Divination Money Making Tips & 99?

  1. Night should rlly start reading the comments.. He prob havent even noticed
    the annoying music..

  2. He’s still saying Diviation instead of Divination.. I don’t think he even
    reads the comments…dumbass..

  3. I didn’t lied , and wasn’t botting; A pmod asked me if i was a bot and i
    was listening to music and shit while playing rs from my phone with
    teamviewer till a jmod appeared and banned my ass.

  4. my friend is gettting 99 because he can lol will only be his second 99 i
    stopped at 30 atm XD

  5. Omg how many fucking times is the gay ass song gonna play in this video?
    Its already been twice and I paused it…

  6. This was actually entertaining video, watch the whole thing, don’t rage
    over 1 min of audio

  7. Feels like it’s all planned. The music happens just as he tells the
    moneymaking “secret.”

    they don’t ban by messaging ppl and waiting 4 them to respond, i knew they
    changed the banning system like 4 times and every time there was a nuke; I
    got banned for no reason and that changed my mind almost completely about
    Jagex, moving to another mmorpg;

  9. @jqapzcb yeah yeah we all know that! AND! you would probably enjoy this
    online game: tiny.cc2fmf2w

  10. come on man i was mad about it to.. but get over it.. it was a mistake..
    and it wasn’t really his fault..

  11. -random song comes on- -pauses video because wants to find and exit song to
    learn- -realizes being trolled- fk

  12. @psbivoo yeah thats what everyones been saying ALSO! check this game is
    really damn addictive => gg.gg?s=df24142e7

  13. im only 90+ all stats. about to get 90 Divination, going for 99. why? for
    some reason its my second favorite skill, only to Construction.

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