Divination Item Guide – Sign Of The Porter – Runescape 3. Show how sign of the porters can be useful in game and increase profits made on Runescape.

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  1. How many can you make a day?

  2. No limit, Location have a daily limit.

  3. Nice videos! Could you do some boss guides showing what to wear/bring/pray
    and stuff?

  4. Soon as I get 99 Divination I will be making bossing guides laid out the
    way I make my Money Making Guides. Tyvm for reply ­čÖé

  5. I don’t play rs anymore .. still enjoyed the vid tho! Keep up the good work

  6. why wont my porter take my blue dhides?!?

  7. Is it a new porter ? When I used them each porter only banks 1 item type.

  8. You have to pick up the hides yourself. Instead of going into your
    inventory the porter will send it to the bank

  9. If i’m 88 Div can I use the lvl 90+ one? Or you need the lvl to use each

  10. What does it mean by 15 charges? it will bank 15 items?

  11. Thanks man´╗┐

  12. I tried to use sign of porter2 on the adamant dragon but wasn’t picking up

  13. Nice guide, thank you :)´╗┐

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