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Runescape 2007 – How To Build A Ranged Tank + Tips On Training and Questing

This video explains the proper steps on how to build a ranged tank and how easy they actually are to make. If you have any other questions on how to build a tank be sure to private message me (most likely ill respond) or leave a comment and someone or me will answer it for you.

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49 thoughts on “Runescape 2007 – How To Build A Ranged Tank + Tips On Training and Questing

  1. “Void is incomparable to d’hide exp wise” Where are you getting this from?
    I’ve tested both and void is only around an additional 15k~ exp an hour
    over d’hide. If you’re going to chin for a short while then void is not
    worth getting just to chin.Try not to pull stuff out of your ass and do
    some research.

  2. What does a ranged tank build? Do i just rock void, or do I get some
    armor(eg torags helm barrows gloves etc)

  3. Could someone please reply about the quests? I was wondering what quests
    for defence do I have to do? I have 45 str 40 att 70 range 1 def.. I want
    to get the def up to atleast 50 by quests… Thanks!

  4. Damn I can’t understand what he’s saying whats chin? and what skill do I
    start with?

  5. a red chinchilla. it is an aoe (area of effect) attack, which attacks
    multiple targets at once. Start with range. get to 40 and then use long
    range attack style to get def up

  6. Still waiting for the “full blown range tank guide” nate… Or actually any
    runescape video for that matter

  7. What if I got 70 attack and 55 strength just cuz I don’t care about
    strength? Or do u need a higher strength level? I was thinking 70 for a whip

  8. for a range tank your melee starts can go as far as 148 combined.. so you
    could go 70attack and 78 str, this is the best combo.. gl ;P

  9. A range tank can have 70 strength and attack so having 55 strength would
    not hurt it, but you would level defense slower with only 55 strength. 

  10. Jesus Christ you’re annoying you don’t have to say range tank every 5
    seconds…. We fuckin know it’s about a range tank faggot

  11. ranged tank can have combined 148 attk and strength with 99 range while
    still being ranged based and not affecting combat

  12. I just wanted to say that I love your intro music and I am basically doing
    the same build with the same plan – rcing. Hope you keep making vids man!

  13. Dude I know this video is kinda outdated, but as far as training defence,
    besides questing, what’s the best method to train it ?

  14. If you’re 99range and 99 magic, 99 defence DO NOT go pass 148 levels of
    attacks and str level combined;
    For example 60 attack 88str
    70 attack 78str
    75attack 73str
    If you do go pass 148, you will gain a cb level

  15. im 99 range and 52 def with 60/60 melee -can i just attack everything with
    range defense style ? or is it more effective to get dragon scimitar ?

  16. I don’t get it. Won’t you eventually level up attack and strength anyway if
    you use melee to pk? Unless there’s a way to turn off combat xp while

  17. Wait so hypothetically speaking if I was level 1 attack and 1 strength with
    99 defence and range, my combat lvl would the same as if I had 60 attack
    and 60 strength wiv 99 defence and range?

  18. Someone plz answer, the only reason its recommended to get str and attack
    to or below 70 is to level up defense quicker, correct?

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