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Old School Runescape – MAKE BANK ALCHING!(Best Magic Guide)

In this guide I show you how to make profit while leveling Magic using the spell High Alchemy.

This only cuts back your exp per hour by 30 percent but makes you quite a bit of cash in the long run!

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15 thoughts on “Old School Runescape – MAKE BANK ALCHING!(Best Magic Guide)

  1. To make this better you can get 50 runecrafting and use pouches thats 18
    essence extra + 22 space = 40 runes You’ll be using like 20 gp more per inv
    to buy the pure essence but you’ll be gaining runecraft exp and you won’t
    have to wait for people to trade you.

  2. do they still have this? i went and joined the chat.. and no one was there.
    and went to world 357 and no one is there. same with world 336

  3. and there making 10 profit from your run, I always thought that they were
    only out for the levels. There making a killing from you doing all the work.

  4. does this still work? do u need the rc lvl for nats to go wield and go to
    the nature altar?

  5. Hey man great guide, I think you quite or got banned? cant find your
    account on high scores… if you still play definitely add me! the name is

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