MBT-90 in darkscape

it will come to life after you load a quicksave when in combat addons : -AO -Smurth’s dynamic hud -outfit addon -autumn -doctorX factions relations -photorealistic zone with kaze’s presets v3 -CoC OL pack(overriten by autumn) -corpses drop $ -Real carry weight (not sure but) fixed npc survivability for AO

Darkscape XP Cache in Runescape 3

When Jagex removed Darkscape they sent players 50% of their Darkscape character’s xp to their Runescape 3 characters. To qualify for this you needed to have over 10 hours in Darkscape and xp was only sent for skills in which you earned more than 20k xp. Song: Butterflies – DuttonsaysHi

Darkscape XP Cache Opening in RS3

When Jagex got rid of Darkscape they sent players 50% of all of their skill xp to their Runescape 3 character. You had to have played at least 10 hours of Darkscape and you only got xp for skills that you earned over 20k xp in. Also, if you’re going to claim yours you are …