After two days of Camtasia screwing up the rendering, I finally get this guide out! Quest Requirements and Rewards are below! Thanks for watching make sure to post any questions below. 🙂


Skills: Ability to defeat a level 69 Draugen, Ability to defeat the first three forms of Koschei the Deathless without weapons or armour, 25 Fletching, 40 Crafting, 40 Woodcutting
Quests: None.
Items: 1x Beer*, 1x Cabbage*, 5,250x Coins, 1x Hatchet, 1x Knife, 1x Onion*, 1x Potato*, 1x Raw Shark, 1x Tinderbox

* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.

Skills: None.
Quests: None.
Items: None.

3 Quest Points
2,812 Attack experience
2,812 Defence experience
2,812 Strength experience
2,812 Constitution experience
2,812 Agility experience
2,812 Thieving experience
2,812 Crafting experience
2,812 Fletching experience
2,812 Fishing experience
2,812 Woodcutting experience
You can now steal from the Market Stalls and trade with the shop owners.
Market Guards and Warriors may now drop Fremennik Shields, regular Helmets, and Blades.
You can now board the boat in the northern part of Rellekka.
You can have your Lyre enchanted again by offering another Shark – this teleports you to Rellekka when played and has 2 uses before needing re-enchantment.
Askeladden will give you another Pet Rock if you speak to him again.

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Thanks to RuneFama for the clip on how to find the Draugen.

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  1. shitty ass guide my friend u suck badddddd

  2. Do you need 40 crafting for this quest necessarily?

  3. aw man i love how after u used the footage from that kids video then you
    just come back like ” finally … ” LOL hero.


  5. This guy is soooo bad.. but oh well, a guide it’s a guide and it helped

  6. Hahaha nice guide in a guide. Runescape: Fremenik Trials Quest Guide Part
    3. hahaha oh man are you serious xD

  7. i mean this really is such a bad guide you’re fucking watching another
    guide while you make more and you still mate a ton of mistakes l0l0l0l

  8. I was so lucky with the draugen bart or whatever its called i found it in 2
    minutes lol


  10. start the quest, lets go back to cammy, with no fucking tele, another 20
    minutes wasted, fuck your guide

  11. u auxk

  12. quick tip, when you’re near the butterfly, locate the talisman and the
    draugen should appear.

  13. man you are retarted asf fucking autistic u tell me to bank i tab to cammie
    but i didtn even need to bank fucking autist go kill urself fuckboy

  14. Very good guide my friend!

  15. yhnx broo 🙂 <3

  16. lol i had to use an addy axe

  17. You slop dude. I can hear you regurgitate spit in your mouth, its annoying
    as fuck.

  18. FUCK YOU !!!!!!! YOUR “GUIDES” ARE SHIT!!!!!!!!

  19. crying by 20:00 …

  20. Nice guide , good job :D

  21. what a fucking retard

  22. Why is everyone raging at him? I thought it was a great guide and helped me
    breeze through this quest really quickly and easily. Didn’t seem as though
    there was anything wrong with it…

  23. ty that helped me alot and it took me 4 hours

  24. Thanks.

  25. Took me an hour (cus of the running)
    Smooth, and i dont give a damn if you even used a guide.

  26. Worst guide ever!

  27. that fucking troll just keeps telling me to go away and doesnt give me any
    options… fuck this quest, someone please help :(

  28. It’s not mage it’s mind

  29. i’m doing this quest right now. and the characters look funney in the past,
    like seasme street characters. some1 need to do this in 2015, much easier
    with loadstones.

  30. I found the sailor before your motherfucking ass did. I swear if guides
    this shit get a lot of views my ass needs to start making some. Your
    Runescape education is shit m8.

  31. I swear you do dumb shit on purpose just to read these fucking comments you
    fucking troll.

  32. fuck yeah i made it finally 4h later .. :D

  33. For sure cut out mistakes..

  34. it was good guide,,, just kidding, still doing this quest…

  35. thanks

  36. Lol he starts playing somebody else’s video at 33:36

  37. Guys, how can a video guide with commentary be bad? You do what he does and
    profit lol… Calm down.

  38. Once again sorry to to say but your guide’s are shit!!!
    Imagine you saying now go back to Rellekka and i do so and pause the vid
    and then just find out your say something like, oh oh oh oh speek to this
    guy and then go to rellekka. Wtf man?
    Your guide’s aint a guide its like you doing the quest for the first time.
    Why make guide if you Shit?!?
    Stoped watching at 13mins wiki is more usefull actualy! :<

  39. I did all my quest with your vid keep up good work mate forget hater! :)

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