Welcome to my new RS3 Combat Guide. Its a very popular method but its also still one of the best to be using at the moment.

You need level 55 Dungeoneering to enter the “Resource Dungeon”.

Don’t forget that there is so many more ways to make this faster. Like using overloads, using drygores instead of chaotics, using a slash weapon, using a cannon.

Hope this helps all you people that want to train up Combat.

I am not receiving enough comments on what videos to post, so if you truly want to see me do something, or for me to make a guide about, just post below. Doesn’t have to be that creative, i’ll take care of that.

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  1. 300k an hour seems very exaggerated. I do this with full bandos and a
    godsword and I probably get around 200k exp/hr at the most, and I am 138.

  2. U posted this in 2013 and u said it was 2015….

    Unsubbed u r just here for the money

  3. Taberly lodestone? Lol..

  4. Guthan’s on Legacy, using BC, and Demon Horn/ Reflect Melee, or SS is
    amazing afk experience.

  5. ur that scammer who said you doubled money

  6. Full guthans yo :D

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Combat Guide


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